The Agenda:
The Agenda, Brown’s only journal of queer politics and culture: The Agenda comes out once a semester and highlights information in queer politics, culture, opinions, the arts, and everything else at Brown and outside our gates. We’re looking for writers, artists, editors, creative thinkers, anybody! The Agenda also proudly puts on a release concert at the end of the spring semester and if you’re interested in event planning we want you too. We will have delicious snacks. If you can’t come but would still like to be involved in any way, please email us at thebrownagenda@gmail.com

Contact(s): ariana_calderon@brown.edu

A confidential weekly support group for queer, questioning, and coming-out students coming to understand sexual and gender identity.

Contact(s): michael_rose@brown.edu

Dance Committee:
The Dance Committee plans the QA dances (SexPowerGod in the Fall and Starf*ck in the Spring) as well as the Brown/RISD Drag Show. Come get involved in planning and meet some cool people! If you want to model for the posters in the future, e-mail queer@brown.edu to be added to the model listserv.

Contact(s): michael_rose@brown.edu

Queer Faith:
Sometimes it feels like the religious and queer communities are irreconcilably at odds. LGBTQ people all over the world have wrestled and are wrestling with their faith traditions, struggling to understand themselves as LGBTQ people of faith when it feels like there is no community in which they truly belong. We’ll explore the places where queer and religious communities overlap and talk about what we can do when they conflict. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Contact(s): jonathan_cruz@brown.edu

Pride In Business:
Does it seem to you that the business world is still very heteronormative? Do you wish that you could get in contact with more LGBTQ-friendly companies at Brown? The purpose of the Business and Entrepreneurial Alliance is to find the intersection between business and sexuality and bring LGBTQ-friendly companies to Brown’s campus to talk to us about this intersection and their corporations. The Business and Entrepreneurial Alliance also seeks out the Queer Alliance’s corporate sponsorships.

Contact(s): alexander_fujinaka@brown.edu


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