Hi-T is a bi-weekly community gathering for LGBTQ and Allied students, offering a fun, laid-back atmosphere where you can take a break from studying, eat some delicious food, and talk with some of the most awesome people on College Hill. All are welcome!


BiTE (Bisexuals Talk and Eat):
BiTE is a safe and confidential discussion group and social space where bisexuals, pansexuals, their allies/friends/partners, or those who choose not to self-identify under any of these categories can chat and eat. We welcome persons of all genders and sexualities, so bring a friend!


GNO (Girl’s Night Out):
Girl’s Night Out is a safe social space for self-identified queer women. We’ll have snacks, news, and informal discussions about weekly topics (from flirting, to institutionalized homophobia, to random YouTube videos). If you’re new to Brown, new to GNO, or just haven’t attended a meeting in a while, you’re especially welcome to show up!


Other Brothers:

Other Brothers is a new discussion space for queer men of color. We discuss our unique perspectives, identities, and experiences in the queer community over dinner (we provide the dinner). We are about owning ourselves and building an empowered community.



A fun social and discussion group for people who identify as transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, androgynous, two-spirit, third gender, butch, stud, genderfuck, bigender, nongender, drag kings, drag queens, aggressive, cross-dressers, boyz/bois, nelly boys, tomboy girls, gender performers, anyone in between, those currently questioning their gender identities, and those just interested in talking about gender. *Gender is open to everyone!


QCC (Queer Community Committee):

The Queer Community Committee plans services and events for the benefit of the Brown queer community. Past events have included a spoken-word performances by prominent artists (e.g. Alix Olson, Sister Spit, Andrea Gibson), workshops by activists such as Sarah Dopp; free, anonymous, oral swab HIV testing; and lectures/screenings from famous LGBTQ filmmakers (e.g. John Cameron Mitchell).


Brown Q+A: Queer and Asian

A monthly discussion group that meets the last Thursday of every month at the Third World Center Informal lounge, Q+A promotes active dialogue concerning the unique intersection of identifying as both LGBTQQ and Asian/Pacific Islander. We provide students with an environment that allows them to develop their identities, make friends and learn from each others’ personal experiences (all while eating delicious snacks)! Topics discussed range from interracial dating, stereotypes, exotification to Asian family and culture. All LGBTQQ Asian/Pacific Islander students are welcome to stop by and see what we’re all about!



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