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World AIDS Day 2011

The Queer Alliance invites Soraya Elcock from Harlem United, an organization that helps people living with HIV/AIDS, to give a lecture on “Activism, Women, and Innovation”. Smitty B 106, 7:30-9:30pm.

Wear red and join in the events going on around campus for World Aids Day this Thursday, December 1st.



Welcome to the website of the Brown Queer Alliance. To keep track of all the hot & happenin’ queer events on campus, be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter! This site contains information on all of the subgroups and their leaders, as well as a full listing of upcoming events through our calendar. We also link to relevant resources and other queer/sexuality groups on campus.

We are a bright and thriving organization, but we cannot survive and continue to provide these resources without those of you who dedicate time and effort into this work. So, please get involved as a subgroup leader (some positions are still available as we begin the school year)! Outside of our subgroup programming, the QA also organizes and/or collaborates with other groups/organizations for various events, including SexPowerGod, Starf*ck, the Brown Pride Series, National Coming Out Day, World AIDS Day, Trans Day of Remembrance, Sex Week, the Brown/RISD Drag Show, and more!


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