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For more information, check out the LGBTQ Center page on the Safe-Zone program.

[Gender Neutrality and Gender-Variance Awareness]

Resource Guide

You can download the comprehensive Resources for Incoming Trans/Questioning Students Guide here (3rd edition; Spring ’11). This guide was created by GenderAction, a subgroup of the Queer Alliance, and is revised/updated every year.


Directory of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus

Emails (taken from the Student Life Transgender Resources site)

When they enroll at Brown, every student is assigned an email address that is in the format (there are some variations created when two or more people at Brown have the same firstname and lastname).  Students should record any legal name change with the Office of the Registrar.

A transgender student may a) request that the firstname in their email address be changed to a preferred firstname without a legal name change and/or b) retain their assigned email and request an alias (e.g.,  Endorsements of email change requests come through the Office of Student Life. For more information about these options and to make a request, please email us at with your request, including your preferred alternate email, your current email address and class year.  We will contact you about your request; once we send a notice of endorsement to Computing Accounts, they will create the alternate address and will notify you (and us) by email when the change is complete. There will in the future be an electronic form to make it easier for you to request an alias for your Brown email address.

The change to preferred firstname is for email only. Currently we are not able to provide a preferred firstname that pushes out through all of the various computing and information management systems in the University. Schools that have a single system have an easier task to present a preferred first name at all points where a student interacts with the system. (See Health Services, Psychological Services, Student housing, below.) At this time, class lists and information available to faculty and staff on-line will continue to show legal firstname rather than preferred. For more information click here.

Health Services (taken from the Student Life Transgender Resources site)

Brown Health Services and Brown Psychological Services strive to provide trans-sensitive care.  Providers can accommodate a preferred firstname for in-house appointments and visits  once you give it and ask them to use it.

Brown Health Services is available to all actively-enrolled Brown students as part of the mandatory Student Health Fee. Health Services provides health care, pharmacy, lab and x-ray services for students; as well as emergency medical  services for students, faculty, staff and visitors to Brown.  On-line information on transgender health includes Q/A about Health Services visits for trans students.

Health Education, a department of Brown Health Services, has a website that spans many informational topics: alcohol, tobacco, other drugs; nutrition & eating concerns;  lgbtq health; men’s health; women’s health; sexual assault & dating violence; sexual health; and common college health issues.

Psychological Services provides free, confidential counseling to actively-enrolled Brown students – offering counseling for personal growth, crisis support, short-term psychotherapy and referral. Students from all of the diverse backgrounds in the Brown community use Psychological Services – during times of crisis and high stress, when their usual coping mechanisms are not working well, or when they are faced with making difficult decisions.


Take a look at the Student Life housing resource information by clicking here.

For non-freshmen, we have a  Gender-Neutral Housing Policy (click through for more in-depth information)

The Brown Residential Life and Housing system has gender neutral housing options for any upper-class students who choose this as an option regardless of their gender identity or expression. Any student who is interested in this option can make a selection during the housing lottery. There currently isn’t gender neutral housing for incoming first-year students, but Brown University will work with you to come up with a housing option that best fits your needs. Any student who has concerns about their housing options should contact the Office of Residential Life. Our Residential Life department is very willing to work with you to find an option that works for you.

The LGBTQ Resource Center can also help you navigate your Residential Life options. If you would like assistance in advocating for an option that will best fit your needs please feel free to call our office at 401-863-3062 or email the coordinator, Kelly Garrett.


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