[Mission statement]

To serve as a hub of queer organizing on campus, building leadership and programming that is reflective of and responsive to the range of needs and identities in the queer community.


The QA serves as an umbrella organization. The QA helps to facilitate the coordination and building of a communal environment for various subgroups and committees. The agendas and activities of the subgroups and committees that fall under the QA banner are shaped by the membership of each subgroup and committee.

The Coordinating Committee is the administrative body of the Queer Alliance that oversees the subgroups and deals primarily with scheduling, funding, and programming outside of the subgroups. Everyone is welcome to the CC meetings (Sundays at 6pm in the LGBTQ Resource Center). Email qa-cc@listserv.brown.edu if you would like to add an item to the CC agenda by noon on the Saturday preceding the meeting.

For ease of coordination, subgroups and committees are asked to divide themselves into three broad categories: Community, Advocacy, and Outreach. Groups that feel that they do not fit into any of these three loosely defined categories may negotiate their own means of defining themselves and placing themselves in the QA organizational structure.

[Coordinating Committee 2010-2011]

Head Chair: Aida Manduley
Secretary: Gopika Krishna
Finance Chair: Nathan Van Winkle
Community Chair: Drew Heckman
Outreach Chair: Joseph Heymann
Advocacy Chair: Raillan Brooks

[Coordinating Committee 2011-2012]

Head Chair: Drew Heckman
Secretary: Gopika Krishna (first semester only)
Finance Chair: Nathan Van Winkle
Community Chair: Madeleine Jennewein
Outreach Chair: Briana McGeough
Advocacy Chair: Gabriel Schwartz


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